•   Comfort flats all of with balcony  
  •   Spacious living areas  
  •   With a shopping center and bazaar  
  •   In order to have good times and capture the moments you miss  
  •   Having great advantages in location  

Meeting point of tradition and modernism, Gate of Anatolia property project is the giant building complex with maximum comfort, security and privacy in Asian side of Istanbul.

Located in Sancaktepe, where is determinated as a premium settlement of İstanbul in 2014, by the authorities, it brings peace and joy in modern constructions to our lives.

Adopting Traditional Anatolian family structure and regarding the neighbor relations, Gate of Anatolia has sports arenas, parks and cafes where you can both have good times and capture the moments you miss.

Several social life spaces where you can spend lovely and funny times in Gate of Anatolia where you live your every days to the fullest have been waiting for you.